About Janet

The owner and creator of Add Some Flair

 I’m Janet, the owner of Add Some Flair, a small business located in beautiful, rural Huron County. We sell Fusion Mineral Paint, and we use the paint and accessory products to transform ordinary things into extraordinary treasures.

I am the mother of a dozen children, and grandmother to over two dozen. Raising a large family meant that I had to be creative, to use the things I had on hand to make a home for my family. I love to take ordinary, drab objects, and to transform them into something extraordinary. As popular blogger Myquillyn Smith, “The Nester,” says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” An old dresser can be converted into a new bathroom vanity, or with heavy duty legs added, into a kitchen island. Pallets can be re-fashioned into potting benches, and broken tiles can be combined to make a beautiful mosaic.

The wonderful , colourful world we live in gives me inspiration every single day. Whether it’s the vibrant pinks, purples and oranges of the sunrise, the soft white of the falling snow, the dark gray of a threatening storm punctuated by flashes of bright lightning, or the amazing variety of flowers, creation fills our senses with wonder.

This is my passion – to transform the drab to fab. I do it (mostly) with paint – Fusion Mineral Paint, to be exact. I fell in love with Fusion back in 2015, because it was a paint that I could use in spite of extreme chemical sensitivities. I loved the ease of use, the vibrant colours, and the fact that it has NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that would make me sick.

Not only do I love to paint anything and everything, I also love to create with words. I love words – poetry, pithy quotes, books, songs… I’m an avid fan of words that paint a picture for the mind. Because of that, I paint signs that people might enjoy. My Silhouette machine gets a workout as I put it to use making stencils, either for my own use or custom stencils for my customers.

Most days I am at home in the big old farmhouse where we raised our family. I am always busy with projects or paint or doing all of the other little jobs necessary to run a business, like planning the next workshop, searching out furniture to paint, or answering questions from one of my customers. 

I invite you to Add Some Flair to your life by taking in one of our workshops, or tackling a painting project of your own. I’m always willing to listen and help you achieve your vision for your project.
Call me at 519-955-0479 or email me at [email protected]